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PUBG Player Ranking

Name Team Earnings Winrate Matches Played
Zuo Zixuan
$ 177119 7 % 1778
La Phuong Tien Dat
$ 85793 11 % 1244
Cho Gi-yeol
$ 202572 8 % 1688
Park Jung-young
$ 1035638 9 % 1860
Na Hee-joo
$ 467051 11 % 1789
Thanaporn Udomphonampai
$ 136470 9 % 1434
Jake Winant
$ 161922 14 % 1104
Matt Smith
$ 393142 11 % 1245
Tran Trinh Dong Hai
$ 111876 11 % 1360
Ko Jeong-wan
$ 860179 9 % 865
1 2 3 1,453

The table above contains up-to-date information on the best players at this moment. All data is verified by our experts and taken from official sources. In order to become the best PUBG player, you need to sweat a lot and spend hundreds of hours honing your skills.

PUBG Top Players – The Most Famous Names in the Game

Despite PUBG being a relatively new title compared to other games, there are plenty of players in the world who have already mastered it. They have their own strategies and features that allow them to win. In this review, we have focused on the top 3 leaders who can be an example for any fan of this game.

Zhou “ZpYan1” Pinyan

So, this player is the undisputed in-game leader and the best PUBG player in the Pro League. Currently, Zhou plays for the NewHappy-Esports team and, despite his young age, helps it achieve stunning heights in eSports.

This data speaks for itself: in the last five tournaments that the team has played with Zhou, it became the winner four times. Four of the above tournaments were class A, while one of them was class S. Two years ago, in 2021, Pinyan received the most significant reward when he won first place in the PUBG World Championship. Due to the fact that the player is only 20 years old, he acts as a powerful IGL.

Of course, Zhou is not the only one on his team: he manages to show the best results with the participation and timely support of other PUBG players on his team. Given the above, you should definitely keep an eye on this team and Zhou in particular.

James “TGLTN” Giezen

This player in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did not have time to show himself last year, but we can’t ignore his skills and experience. James Giesen and his legendary TGLTN team have been top performers throughout 2021.

During their participation in six tournaments, they took first place five times. The culmination was an enchanting performance and victory at PGI in 2021. James is currently one of the strongest players in his region (North America). However, will it be possible for him to survive in the face of such furious competition?

Cha “Pio” Seung-hoon

Even though PUBG is a very dynamic game, Pio has been and remains one of the most stable players over the past two years in most PUBG player rankings. And this stability was reflected in constantly high results and excellent performance. Since joining the Gen.G team, he has been their main driving force leading the team to success.

Pio’s secret lies in the fact that he combines excellent shooting skills and also has great stealth experience. His wide awareness of all the nuances of the map and key positioning makes him an invaluable teammate who can help save the game even in the most difficult situation.

Thanks to his experience, he can quickly help other players to tune in and fight almost any kind of battle in different parts of the maps. What makes him one of the best PUBG players is taking first place in the Global Championship 2021. In addition, that year, he was the official representative of South Korea at the Nations Cup.

How Many PUBG Players are there in an eSports Team?

If we consider the world of professional eSports, then most of the PUBG gamers do not play on their own here. As you can see in the previous section, most of the top players sign contracts and become members of different professional PUBG teams. At the time of writing, there are about 30 rosters in the PUBG eSports. For example, if you take Li Nanjiang or Wang Yanwen, then they fight for one of the top teams of our time called NewHappy.

As for promising pro gamers like Lachlan Thompson and Matt Smith they play for eUnited. At the same time, players can move from one team to another if it does not violate the terms of their contracts. This process is called player transfers, a list of which is available on this page.

There are usually four players on the team, as well as a coach, managers, and other staff. When gamers get to the world level, they just can’t pay attention to everything, so it’s a necessity.

What Path Does a PUBG Player Take to Become a Professional?

In order to become a professional PUBG player, you must be ready to spend a lot of time practicing, learning, and honing skills. Below, you can check the short list of some hints which can help you to achieve better results.

  1. Hire a coach. It is always better to have a professional who can point out your drawbacks, correct them, give advice, etc.
  2. Take part in tournaments. It can help you test your skills and see how other PUBG pro players behave. It is the perfect option to look at some features other players use and implement them in your strategy.
  3. Use the correct equipment. If you really want to become a professional, you must be ready to spend money on quality equipment and high-performance hardware. In such conditions, you can train better and achieve the desired result faster.
  4. Keep learning. Despite the fact that PUBG is not among the games that are often updated, you need to follow the meta as well as the news on the official portal. Also, do not forget to explore the maps, as this is often a crucial factor.

And do not forget to practice your skills. When you play regularly, you get used to the conditions, which will help you react faster and improve your results on the PUBG leaderboard. At the same time, it is important to change the conditions for developing flexibility. Also, choose the optimal training-rest mode since much time spent in front of the monitor is not equivalent to successful training.

What Stats are Taken to Compile the PUBG Leaderboard?

In order to compile a relevant table, the following indicators are taken into account:

  • kill ratio in each game (or K/D for short);
  • total headshot percentage;
  • the ratio between the number of your kills and the number of your deaths;
  • the damage you brought;
  • most kills;
  • average rank.

All the above-mentioned data is compiled and represented in a handy small table. Using it, you can easily figure out details about any famous player in PUBG you are interested in.