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Valorant Player Ranking

Name Team Earnings Winrate Matches Played
Jason Susanto
$ 218104 75 % 162
Ahmad Khalish Rusyaidee Bin Nordin
$ 218104 75 % 163
Aaron Leonhart
$ 218104 75 % 162
Byeon Sang-beom
$ 64492 66 % 118
Felipe Basso
$ 190991 69 % 93
Cauan Pereira
$ 105784 65 % 64
Arthur Vieira
$ 102048 57 % 116
Ilya Petrov
$ 117344 71 % 73
Matias Delipetro
$ 215839 78 % 143
Zachary Patrone
$ 104240 67 % 181
1 2 3 2,435

Each of the players you can see in the leaderboard above has spent hundreds of hours honing their skills and finding their own strategy. This is the only path that can lead any Valorant players to the game’s ranking lists. If you want to become one, then be ready to follow the top Valorant streamers, read about the different tactics of the best players, and of course, practice your skills every day!

What Makes Valorant Players Successful in eSports?

In order to become successful in the game, you need to match a lot of factors, and luck is far from first place here. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the win rate. In turn, to do it, you need to win a lot of games. This is perhaps the only effective way. If you manage to maintain a high win rate, then be sure – you are guaranteed quick ranking and a fast promotion on the leaderboard.

The other important factor is income. Big wins help raise the player’s status. In turn, to get good money, you need to participate in top events on a global scale, and this is the third key success factor. Every top Valorant player has access to world tournaments where prize pools are valued at tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, it opens up various opportunities in the field of cooperation and promotions with sponsors.

Also, you should not forget about the influence of various streaming services. The fact is that, at present, many professional players in Valorant have their own streaming channels on YouTube, Twitch, and other resources. This is a great tool that allows them to expand their fan base and, sometimes – to lure fans of other teams to their side. As a rule, such streaming channels have a fairly big number of followers, which makes it possible to monetize them effectively, receive donations, and so on.

Of course, this money cannot be compared with the amounts of potential winnings gamers can get within various international tournaments. In addition, the right way of managing the streaming channel may serve as an excellent promotional tool. It helps the best Valorant players to better present themselves to potential sponsors and advertisers.

The Best Valorant Players in the World

Valorant is one of the fastest-growing eSport game, with high competition between players. In such conditions, it is difficult to stay afloat, and for this, you need to do a lot. Below you can see the top 3 Valorant players who have the best performance indicators at the moment.

Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker

It was Jaccob who made OpTic Gaming the best team of 2022. The team’s track record for the past year includes a first place in all three top VCT championships. In addition, OpTic Gaming won Masters 1. Indeed, it is impossible to overestimate the merits of yay in this, who made the team the top Valorant representative in North America.

According to official data, Whiteaker confidently entered the top three VLRs at all three major tournaments in 2022. For the assessment, such indicators as the average combat score and also the damage per round were taken. There was another important indicator that was taken into account – the total number of kills (per 1 round).

As soon as Chambers appeared, giving the Agent a sniper rifle and a pistol that kills in one shot, Jaccob became literally unstoppable. His merits also include about 0.18 first kills per round. This figure has been consistently maintained throughout the year at all top tournaments, and not all top Valorant players can boast such indicators. Jaccob was also named the best gamer in eSports according to The Game Awards.

Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi

Of course, this list would not be complete without the famous Brazilian player Sacy. At the time of writing, this player is one of the best players in the LOUD team. It was Gustavo who helped his team win the Valorant Champions. This brought the team the title of one of the most successful representatives in this niche.

Throughout the past year, it also absolutely dominated its region, and none of the Brazilian teams could beat LOUD. The main source of such amazing efficiency was Sacy. He was and remains the main assistant to the team captain and helped counter the opponents with the help of his utility. His unique technique, as well as a clear understanding of the meta, has become the key to multiple victories for the team.

Sacy also became a kind of mentor who perfectly finds a common language with the junior team members and helps them improve their skills. Of course, during the year, there were not only ups but also downs for Sacy, which affected his statistics. However, he was never a burden to LOUD, which cannot be said about Valorant pro players and captains of some other teams.

Kim “MaKo” Myeong-kwan

If this is not the first time you hear about Valorant, then you probably know that DRX has always been a significant threat to other teams. And this applies to both international and regional tournaments. The same situation persisted throughout the past year. Kim, being a top player in this team, made significant difficulties for the competitors and pushed the team to the top of the leaderboard with all his might.

If we consider his best performances, then perhaps the top one is the game that took place last year in the Masters Copenhagen tournament. Then, Kim distinguished himself as the one seeking the highest passing rates in one round (0.5). Also, his skills allowed him to become second in the standings in terms of the percentage of kills, survival, and exchange. You can find such information in official data by VLR.

As in many such cases, you could not always see Kim at the top of the leaderboard. Also, he does not always play bright and memorable. At the same time, he has always been and still remains a powerful rock DRX rivals often crash against. It always helps his team to survive and get a chance to win in especially difficult games. According to the Valorant player ranking, Kim was extremely rare as a DRX bottom fragger. Then, his team confidently beat the main competitors (FPX) with a score of 2:0.

Follow the Valorant Leaderboard with Us!

In order to provide you with only the most relevant information, Pro Gaming Online team carefully checks all data. For analysis, we use only official data from trusted resources. Here you can find detailed statistics of famous players and their results both in international and regional Valorant tournaments. In addition, we keep track of other activities of the players.

So, for example, we are always up to date with the news of a particular team, including the signing of new contracts, the beginning or end of cooperation with sponsors, internal problems, and much more. Along with the Valorant leaderboard, we also constantly monitor the activity of both teams and individual players on social networks to get the big picture.