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CS:GO Matches — Schedule & Live Odds

Sorry, currently there are no events at this moment.

CS:GO Matches Overview: Key Aspects of eSports

CSGO matches raise immense interest in the world today. If you plan to deal with CS GO matches, you will need to consider such aspects as:

  • Rivaling teams (who is competing);
  • What stage the tournament is in;
  • When an event is about to take place;
  • Region or the country of the event.

Format for Professional Events

Here are the basic formats that exist in the world of CSGO matches today:

  • Bo1. This one can be considered the most random one. Teams ban maps and play the remaining one in the end. Such a format is linked to regular tournaments, qualifications, and BLAST Pro.
  • Bo3. This is the format that is applied most frequently. Teams keep playing till two victories. They also ban and pick wanted maps step-by-step. This is the format used for major events.
  • Bo5. Well, it is a three-win format, and you will not meet it that often. Tournament finals like ESL are the events where it may take place. By the way, matches are about to be very long in this case.

Number of Rounds and Counter-Strike Match Length

A CS:GO match (a professional one) is normally characterized by 30 rounds. However, there may be less than that. The matter is that the first team to win 16 rounds is considered to be the winner of the map. In this case, the particular round is over. As for the typical length of the match, it is 1 minute 55 seconds (this is the limit).

Interesting Fact

You will be very curious to learn that the longest CS GO match happened between two teams excel and XENEX at the ESL UK Premiership S1 tournament. The longest CS game continued for almost 3 hours for just one map!

The shortest professional round that was ever recorded occurred within the ESL Pro League match, where FaZe Clan played against mousesports. It lasted just 8 seconds!

Pool of Maps for CSGO eSports Matches

The vital knowledge about the pool of maps is especially important for those who would like to place their bets on CS:GO matches today. As for now, there are seven maps in the active duty map pool. It is essential to be aware of the fact that maps change occasionally. Such maps as Inferno, Nuke, Dust 2, and Train were linked to certain updates.

Here is the enumeration of maps:

  1. Anubis (replaced Dust 2 in 2022);
  2. Vertigo;
  3. Overpass;
  4. Mirage;
  5. Nuke;
  6. Ancient;
  7. Inferno.

There is also a reserve pool of maps, which are pro CSGO matches. These include Dust 2, Train, Cache, Grind, and Mocha.

What’s the Difference Between CS:GO Major Matches and Qualifying Matches?

CS:GO championships are also called Majors and they are held by Valve. The prize pool here is $1,000,000 (this is the minimum). Players at such matches are more motivated and give their all.

Qualifying matches are normally not linked to getting a certain prize and they qualify to further qualifiers or other events. In such events several dozen teams from different countries take part at once.

So, the difference here is in the scale and the presence of a prize that can be received depending on the result of the match.

How is the Tournament Grid for CSGO Pro Matches Made?

The tournament grid shows when the Counter Strike matches are about to take place and what teams will participate. It is made in accordance with the info about the entrants. There are some rosters that are invited (based on certain events), and they get to the grid automatically. At the same time, there are also the ones who get their position based on the way they show their skills later.

CS:GO Match Betting: Watch the Streams and Win!

CS:GO match betting can turn out to be really exciting, and you will not even be able to stop doing this! Well, the very start of your betting journey is going to be linked to depositing. Do not proceed with placing a big bet at the beginning though.

As long as you have selected the team to win, you are ready for your first bet in CS:GO! There are several types of bets to be aware of. Here they are:

  • Match-winner bets. As you can guess from the name of these bets, you should simply guess who will win in this case. This is the easiest kind of bets to deal with;
  • Handicap bets. This type of CS:GO match betting is linked to putting a heavily favored team at a disadvantage to suggest you better odds. Such kind of bet-making may give you greater winnings;
  • Outright tournament winner type. In this case, you have an opportunity to bet on what team will be the winner of the whole tournament. The odds normally depend on the ranking and current form of a certain team, etc.

It is very exciting to watch the stream of the match and expect the result of the bet on CS:GO matches you are planning to make as long as you are about to face incomparable emotions. Fortunately, our website provides live match broadcasts, without delays and in HD quality.

Predict the Outcome of CS Match by Analyzing the Odds

Our platform is about to suggest accurate odds from the best bookmakers for CS:GO pro matches. But in order to succeed with placing bets, you need to spend some time learning how to analyze them effectively.

First of all, it is relevant to study the performance of the teams. You need to figure out whether a team tends to lose in two maps or go to the third one. Apart from this, you should know that the most popular odds that are used by the majority of betting sites covering CS matches are the decimal ones.

The equation for them looks this way: Bet x Odds = Payout.

Note that the CSGO match odds can change during the game. This is connected to the roster changes (in this case, the odds are normally brought down). What is more, the alterations can take place if some new info comes to light.

Feel the Skill of the Top Players in CS GO Live Matches

CS GO live matches are thought to be the most exciting for those who are fond of this game. This way, you will not only be aware of the result of the bet you have placed (as it happens when you simply place a bet and do not watch the match) but will feel the emotions with the players. By the way, you can get some new skills that will help you to succeed in playing the game too! That is why choosing the option of CSGO live matches is probably the best you can do if you like betting or want to try it.

Don’t Miss the Upcoming CS:GO Matches with Pro Gaming Online

It is nice to rely on our website when speaking of the most accurate schedule of CSGO upcoming matches for all eSports tournaments. Here, you will find exact data about any event (this refers both to local and major ones) you are interested in and will be able to plan the schedule of your betting activities that will certainly bring you a chance to win cash.

Hope you will be lucky with planning your bets in accordance with our CS GO match schedule and will be able to enjoy the process which is the most important aspect! Have fun!