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PUBG Tournament Schedule

Name Prize money Date
- 15.12.23
$ 100000 01.01.24

Recent PUBG Tournaments

Name Prize money Participants Date
$ 2000000
$ 103000
$ 5000
$ 100000
$ 23600
$ 16205
$ 54344
$ 408255
$ 33691
1 2 3 46

All PUBG Tournaments on Pro Gaming Online

PUBG tournaments came onto the professional eSports scene in 2017, so what we are now observing is the beginning of the long way for this discipline to succeed and reach the popularity of its closest rivalry Fortnite. If you want to keep an eye on everything going on in PUBG, the Pro Gaming Online is at your service. Let’s not waste a minute and take an in-depth look at the major championships!

How Do PUBG eSports Tournaments Work?

Like all other eSports games, PUBG has its own rules, by which the professional championships take place. Let’s understand the basics to get closer to high-level competitions.


The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournaments may consist of several game formats, including solo (aka 1v1), 2v2 competitions, and 4v4 format events. Still, the 4v4-format is the most common.

The first ever professional PUBG tournament combined all four formats (solo, two-player teams, two-player teams with the first-person perspective and squads), but it was continued by the events involving 4v4-format only.

Prize Pools

The total awarded prize pool for PUBG tournaments reaches $58,837,788. That’s a huge sum of money, taking into account the short period that this eSports discipline has come to the professional arena.

Like with any other eSports, the largest prize money can be won in the final event of the year, which is the PUBG Global Championship. In 2022, its prize pool exceeded 3.3 million US dollars. As for the other top-tier events taking place throughout the year, the prize for PUBG Continental Series is $250,000, and the PUBG Nations Cup gives a chance to fight for half a million dollar prize.

The amounts one can win by participating in A-tier events vary significantly. The sums can go as low as $6,000 and rise as high as $580,000.


PUBG is rather popular among eSports players from around the globe. No surprise! Exciting gameplay, a large number of tournaments, and impressive prize pools are the things that make people choose in favor of PUBG. The best PUBG teams participating in the majority of top-tier tournaments include names like Gen.G Sports, New Happy, Natus Vincere, Soniques, FaZe Clan, and so many more.

PUBG Global Championship

This championship crowns the series of competitions that allow getting to the major event of the PUBG year. The path to this competition is not easy, but those who manage to go through all the challenges get the chance to participate in the Global Championship and get their piece of the pie from the multimillion-dollar prize pool.

PUBG championship

The event format involves Group Stage where Group A and Group B teams compete to determine the 8 best in each group who will make it to the Winners Bracket. The rest 16 teams will get to the Losers Bracket 1.

The Bracket goes in two stages. The 8 strongest teams from the Winners Bracket will get their tickets right to the Grand Finals, while the other 8 participants will proceed to the Losers Bracket 2. Those from the Losers Bracket 1 will fight for a place in Losers Bracket 2. Those who fail to get there will be sent to Grand Survival. Others will have another chance to fight for the main prize.

Losers Bracket 2 gives only 4 tickets to Grand Finals. The 12 remaining teams go to Grand Survival. The latter implies four matches, the winner of which will enter the main battle and join the best ones in the Grand Finals.

The final stage of the PUBG Global Championship comprises 20 matches aiming to figure out who is the best in this game.

The prize pool of the 2022 championship reached $3,358,442, which is by far not the best one in the history of this event.

PUBG Mobile Tournaments: Professional eSports on Smartphone

The number of eSports fans involved in mobile gaming has been growing steadily for the last several years. Noticing this tendency, PUBG Studios decided to take this chance and enter eSports with the mobile version of this already famous discipline. And that was the best decision they could make.

PUBG is one of the few eSports that became popular in their original version and gained immense success in the mobile version. In some aspects, PUBG mobile tournaments have overgrown the original eSports. For instance, in 2020, the PUBG Mobile World League viewership hit whopping 1 million people.

The number of PUBG Mobile events is huge. The championships are held around the globe, so the representatives of different regions have the chance to show their skills on the large scene. The largest PUBG Mobile competitions are:

  • PUBG Mobile National Championship;
  • PUBG Mobile Global Championship;
  • PUBG Mobile National Cup.

The prize pools for mobile tournaments range from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the region and tier of the competition. However, the major prize of the PUBG Mobile Championship goes far beyond those figures. In 2022, the prize pool for this competition reached $4,000,000, thus beating the amount teams could get by playing in the PUBG Global Championship.

Schedule and Results of PUBG Tournaments at First Hand!

The more you know about your favorite eSports, the more space for maneuvering you’ve got. Whether you want to enjoy the game of your favorite team or make some predictions about the PUBG tournament results, you’d better get this information all in one place.

On the Pro Gaming Online website, you’ll get the most detailed schedule of the upcoming PUBG tournaments and details about the championship prize pool, participants, and more. Have you missed the game broadcast? No trouble! We’ve got you covered. Our website features the results of all the recent games and tournaments for you to keep your hand on the pulse of PUBG eSports.

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