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Upcoming Gaming Tournaments

$ 200 000
$ 50 000
$ 13 829
$ 24 198
$ 414 881 20.04.2024
$ 50 000 21.04.2024
$ 7 279 21.04.2024
$ 1 000 000 22.04.2024
$ 750 000 23.04.2024
$ 10 848 26.04.2024
$ 100 000 26.04.2024
$ 100 000 26.04.2024
$ 1 500 28.04.2024
$ 6 541 30.04.2024

Top eSports Players

Nickname Earnings
Nickname Earnings
Johan Sundstein
$ 7 126 853
Jesse Vainikka
$ 6 482 923
Anathan Pham
$ 6 023 117
Sebastien Debs
$ 5 866 959
Topias Taavitsainen
$ 5 739 404
Yaroslav Naidenov
$ 5 659 256
Magomed Khalilov
$ 5 418 515
Illya Mulyarchuk
$ 5 416 910
Miroslav Kolpakov
$ 5 402 324
Kuro Salehi Takhasomi
$ 5 240 931


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Is eSports a Real Sport?

Yes, eSports is a real sport. It involves athletes competing in video game tournaments with the same intensity and skill as any traditional sports competition. Players need to improve skills and practice to become top competitors, often playing for 10 hours each day and competing in online or offline tournaments for prizes. Professional gamers earn money through prize pools and sponsorships by popular gaming companies.

What is the Richest eSport?

The richest eSport is Dota 2, with its International tournaments offering prize pools of up to $25 million and up to $15 million from its various regional championships. Additionally, many teams and organizations offer salaries for professional Dota 2 players. As such, the top players in the world can make millions of dollars a year from playing Dota 2 alone.

What's the Difference Between eSport and Gaming?

The difference between eSport and gaming lies in that gaming is a much broader term that includes all types of video games, while eSport involves organized competitions to determine the best players or teams in specific video game categories such as first-person shooter or MOBA.

What is the Best Age for eSport?

The best age for eSports is generally considered to be 16 and up. However, some games have age restrictions that may vary from 12 years old and up.

Which Country is №1 in Professional eSports?

South Korea is widely considered to be the number 1 in eSports. This country has a strong gaming culture, especially in strategies. Additionally, South Korea hosts major tournaments throughout the year and many pro gamers are sponsored by large companies to represent their brands in competitions.

What is the Most Popular Game Genre in eSports?

The most popular game genre in eSports is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). These games are team-based and require players to carefully coordinate their strategies in order to win. The MOBA games feature characters that have unique abilities and can level up over time, giving them access to more powerful skills. Famous MOBA titles in modern eSports include League of Legends, Dota 2, and Heroes of the Storm.