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League of Legends Player Ranking

Name Team Role Earnings Winrate Matches Played
Park Do-hyeon
- $ 287807 61 % 272
Kim Hyuk-kyu
- $ 499180 66 % 432
Kim Gi-in
Top $ 157507 54 % 290
Han Wang-ho
Jungle $ 715931 68 % 413
Li Yuanhao
Mid $ 858669 70 % 465
Gwak Bo-seong
Mid $ 320553 59 % 342
Kim Geon-woo
Mid $ 113402 57 % 169
Choi Hyeon-joon
Top $ 258997 70 % 220
Mid $ 515051 68 % 298
Kim Ha-ram
- $ 65103 52 % 236
1 2 3 1,290

LoL is one of those games which are 100% about competition. The number of League of Legends players who actively participate in various tournaments and championships is impressive, but only the top ones are presented in the table above. To end up in that table, they had to spend hundreds of hours honing their skills, studying maps, looking for vulnerabilities in opponents’ tactics, and so on.

What Affects League of Legends Player Rankings?

The leaderboard depends on LoL player ranking which, in turn, is formed on the basis of indicators that are summarized. Currently, there is a large number of different indicators, but the key ones are those listed below.

Win Rate

The win rate varies from 0% or 100%. This percentage is formed depending on how many matches the gamer has participated in and how many of them were winnable for him. If you look at this indicator for League of Legends players who represent professional teams, you will see that the winning percentage is usually over 50%.

Speaking about the win rate, one cannot but mention the MMR, which is a hidden indicator that directly depends on your ability to win games. This is the main reason why low win rate players experience low LP gains.

Number of Matches Played

This is a completely understandable and simple indicator used to evaluate the position of a particular player in the League of Legends player rankings. The more tournaments the gamer takes part in, the higher his score. Calculating this indicator, assessors take all matches into account, regardless of the type of tournament or championship.

Total Income from Tournaments

Depending on the type of tournament, players receive different amounts of prize money. Obviously, the more prestigious the tournament, the bigger the bankroll an LoL player can expect to get. Moreover, the amount that the player receives directly depends on the personal contribution he made that led him to a particular place on the leaderboard.

Player’s Personal Statistics

It is a slightly more complex indicator that is completely dedicated to the characteristics of the game of a particular player. In this case, indicators such as KDA, Deaths, Gold per minute, the Gold difference at 20, Grade, and your “carry” score are usually used. This data is summed up, and depending on the result, League of Legends players move up or down in the leaderboard.

Top 20 League of Legends Players of All Time

If you want to become a top League of Legends player, you should learn from the best, adding their tricks to your own strategy. Below, you can check the list of 20 top players in the modern LoL scene.

  1. Lee Sang-hyeok aka “Faker.” Having multiple awards under his belt, Faker is basically the best League of Legends player known as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). He’s unmatched when it comes to the highest life length, the highest peak, and the top traction coefficient. In addition, Faker has the best macros and play skills in general. For several years there was not a single opponent who could beat him.
  2. Song “Rookie” Eui-jin. He started his carrier in 2014, having received nine top awards. Rookie is an experienced player who has no equals in destroying opponents at the laning phase as well as overshadowing their CS. Moreover, there has not yet been a single player in the LPL or LCK who has been the best as a mid-player in his national league for as long as Rookie.
  3. Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong. Mata became one of the best players in LoL thanks to his rapid ascension to the gaming Olympus and for winning five national titles. During all 11 LCK splits, he never fell below the top three players. Mata was also one of Faker’s main rivals who managed to hold back his ascent on the leaderboard for some time.
  4. Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu. This player has been one of the tops in the pro league for nine years. Deft played in different teams, leading them to success and earning titles in both the LCK and LPL. In contrast to his success in the internal market, Deft did not manage to win any of the World Championships.
  5. Jian “Uzi” Zi-hao. He is one of the top League of Legends players who inspired most Chinese ADCs with his aggressive style of play. Some call Uzi the best player, but he clearly lacks the internal dominance to become the GOAT. Also, he has not yet achieved victories in any of the world championships.
  6. Heo “ShowMaker” Su. This player has nerves of steel and a unique style of play. Thanks to him, Damwon won the world title and also got three LCK titles. ShowMaker quickly adapts to any game conditions and finds a way out of the most seemingly hopeless situations.
  7. Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu. He is definitely the most famous jungler in LoL history. Canyon has been the best jungler in the world for almost two years in a row, and he is not going to stop treading on the heels of the players listed below.
  8. Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang. This player’s career began with a unique battle strategy that brought his team victories in world tournaments. Among other things, he not only dominates on the map but also shows himself well in the lanes and in team fights.
  9. Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok. As for Kang, he is well-known among League of Legends pro players for his controversial career. He broke into the tops of LoL in 2018 and showed skill at Faker’s level. At the same time, in recent years, he has not shown significant success.
  10. Li “Xiaohu” Yuanhao. Two years ago, this player proved himself as an effective member of the team playing in the mid-lane. However, his performance improved after moving to the top lane. For example, Xiaohu is the only one lucky enough to win top international titles in two different roles at once.
  11. Shi “Ming” Senming. He was and still is the top support player, which brought him multiple awards. Among other things, Ming received the title of LPL and MSI two years ago, thereby proving that his skill is up to par with Uzi.
  12. Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon. This player has been successfully dominating the LoL scene for three years, which not everyone can brag about. Compared to other best League of Legends players, GorillA’s game is characterized by a unique technique, innovations, and intellectual component that has brought him a number of victories in regional tournaments. As for the winnings in world championships, they will surely come in the nearest future.
  13. Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong. In terms of achievements and awards, Bengi can beat anyone but Faker. His main credits lie in top technique as an individual player with an amazing clutch factor. However, a series of misfortunes awaited him later, which led him only to thirteenth place on our leaderboard.
  14. Luka “Perkz” Perković. Thanks to his talent and skills, Perkz has managed to earn nine internal and one international title. Most of his trophies were taken when he played in the middle lane. Although Luka started his career with two unsuccessful performances, his power of dominance and clutch paid off and brought him to the world of the big eSport.
  15. Go “Score” Dong-bin. This gamer could definitely be considered the best player in League of Legends if not for a couple of mistakes he made. Score is unique in his own way, as he was a top team member in two different positions. Initially, he was the famous ADC for two years. However, after 2014 he switched to jungler and remained in this role most of the time.
  16. Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho. In his time, Smeb was able to achieve good results as a high laner. However, later he began to show low lows and no significant longevity. The key factor was the unsuccessful performance of the KT Super Team, where Smeb was a captain.
  17. Tian “Meiko” Ye. This player has been a key figure in EDG since its appearance in 2015. His leadership qualities and determination brought the team an impressive array of trophies available in the professional LoL eSports league.
  18. Kim “PraY” Jong-in. The special feature of this player was the amazing talent of ADC. For six years, PraY has shown elite play in terms of tweaking his carries for success without being a carry himself. He also performed well at several world championships in 2015 and 2016.
  19. Lee “Scout” Ye-chan. Compared to other professional LoL players, Scout won his first successful split in 2016 at EDG when it was his debut. At that time, Scout was one of the mixed bags with low lows and high maximums. The constant practice helped him to improve his career and become a more stable player.
  20. Gu “imp” Seung-bin. At the beginning of his carrier, imp won the LCK title, a world title, and an LPL title. After debuting in 2013, he has established himself as one of the top players in the world. But further, he stopped regular training, and during the last four years, his career was not distinguished by any significant success.

This list may change after some time, as the player performance results, as well as the game itself, are very dynamic.

Role Stats: What Positions Do the Best LoL Players Play

As you know, most pro LoL players have had success performing a certain role in the game. Below you can see the top 10 players and their positions.

  1. Faker (mid laner)
  2. Rookie (mid laner)
  3. Mata (support)
  4. Deft (bot laner)
  5. Uzi (bot laner)
  6. Showmaker (mid laner)
  7. Canyon (jungler)
  8. Doinb (mid laner)
  9. TheShy (top laner)
  10. Xiaohu (mid laner)

As you see from the list above, the mid laner position is the most popular that brings success to most top LoL players. Be sure to consider this if you decide to choose your own position in the game.

How Much Do Professional League of Legends Players Make Per Season?

LoL players have the opportunity to earn money in several ways. First of all, an LoL player salary is formed thanks to donations and subscriptions to his or her channel on streaming services. This also includes themed ads, selling merch, and so on. If a player has a contract with an eSports company, he can also earn a percentage of advertising.

If we take the North American League as an example, then the average player’s salary is about $75,000. It is about $6,000 a month, not counting the extra bonuses he gets for taking place in various championships and tournaments. At the same time, the higher place on the leaderboard table, the more money player can earn. If we talk about the top 3 players in League of Legends, then salaries can reach $300,000 or more.

Asia is the Forge of LoL Pro Players!

As you can see, most of the players, especially the top ones, come from South Korea. And there are several reasons for this:

  • almost every gamer from South Korea practices a lot and take training more responsibly, which also reflects in LoL player stats;
  • high competition forces you to do your best to stay afloat;
  • a strong element of teamwork and solidarity.

Also, we should take into account the long history of professional eSports in this region. South Korea has a better infrastructure and all conditions for players’ evolution.