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Overwatch Player Ranking

Name Team Role Earnings Winrate Matches Played
United States
Yunhee Chi
- - - 0
Support - - 0
Support - - 0
Tank - - 0
Offense - - 0
Noh Jung-woo
Offense - - 0
Thanaphon Phoosansart
Tank - - 0
Offense - - 0
Napawee Suwannasak
Offense - - 0
Xi Guofei
Support - - 0
1 2 3 492

The table with the Overwatch player ranking you can see above contains the relevant data based on the performance indicators of each participant. In order to create this table with Overwatch players, our team of experts uses only relevant info from official resources so all who are interested in this game can keep track of the top gamers.

Income and Win Rate as a Basis for Overwatch Player Ranking

In order to create a leaderboard, we carefully studied the total number of games in which the player participated and how many of them were winning. Thus, we find out the win rate of each player. In addition, an important factor in the distribution of players on the table is their income. This indicator is formed based on the amount of prize money they win in regional and world tournaments.

The Best Overwatch Players to Watch

Overwatch currently has over 10 million players. However, only a small part of them shows some high class and take first places in various Overwatch pro tournaments. Our team of experts analyzed the majority of not only the best Overwatch players but also promising ones who aren’t always among the winners but may still be interesting to fans of the game due to their strategy, features, individual approaches, and more.

Top Male Players

Let’s start with the list of top male players. All the data you can see below was taken from the official resources and based on the performance indicators of each eSports player.

1. Yongham Kim of Dallas Fuel

Yongham Kim is a top performer who plays for Dallas Fuel as a DPS. Before joining this team, Yongham played with Paris Eternal. He is 20 years old and has already managed to get the title of “The Best Doomfist Player”.

However, he lost his title after his character was made a tank. But luck smiled at him, and thanks to two flank characters, he continued to show good results, and his game still attracted the attention of fans. Due to the tactics of this Overwatch player, in the last season, he became the gamer with the lowest death count overall. Two years ago, Yongham won the 2021 Dennis Hockelka Award. The next year, he was already the main reason Fuel won the Summer Showdown championship. By the end of 2022, Yongham Kim earned about $223,152.

2. Kim Dong-hyun of San Francisco Shock

He is another Overwatch player from South Korea who, thanks to his skills, was able to become one of the most flexible DPS players in San Francisco Shock. 2022 was his debut as an OWL player who signed a contract with Contenders O2 Blast (a leader in the esports industry).

Kim performed well with impressive skill and surprised Overwatch fans with many back-to-back eliminations during the season. If we consider the “Shock” series, then Kim was one of the top Overwatch players who took part in the longest game in the history of the League.

Despite the fact that his team took 2nd place, according to the results of 2022, Kim got the palm in the ranking of “Final blows,” “Eliminations,” and “Most damage.” Kim’s total income at the end of 2022 was $128,305.

3. Juseok Lee of Toronto Defiant

He is the third male gamer from South Korea (Mokpo city). He is a bit older than the previous players (24 years) and can be considered an Overwatch League veteran. He has been at the top of the leaderboard numerous times in his career, boasting multiple awards.

Among the teams he played in are the Vancouver Titans (three years ago) and the San Francisco Shock (in 2020). His main role is as a support player who takes care of the teammates’ health. Last season, Juseok was the best player in Overwatch, mainly operating to support his teammates distantly, racking up about 1.4 million heals.

However, Juseok shows himself perfectly after switching to Brighetta or Batista: he is always ready for close combat. His combat skills allowed Jeseok to get 1.8 thousand kills for the whole of last season. During 2022, the player earned $593,405.

Probably, if you check the list after the same time, you will notice other names. The main reason for this is that the Overwatch community of pro gamers is rapidly developing where everything changes quickly.

Top Female Players

Overwatch is a very popular game among female players. Below, you can check the most prominent ones who showed themselves perfectly during the previous season.

1. Fran of Atlanta Reign

Fran consistently shows good results and excellent teamwork, making her one of the top pro Overwatch players. Initially, Fran started playing the popular online competitive shooter Halo but then switched to Overwatch. Soon after that, she began her partnership with the Atlanta Reign, which is a key team in OWL (North America).

As a rule, Fran’s scope on the battlefield is to use support characters and play as a tank. In general, she is a flexible player who can always switch to any character for the good of the team. Among her favorite characters are Zenyatta, Bridget, Reinhardt, and Lucio. In addition, Fran actively hosts live streams on Twitch, followed by thousands of fans.

2. Ysabel (Noukky) Müller

Noukky is a great player on her own, but many Overwatch fans note her skills as supporting teammates on the battlefield and her ability to play as a tank. Noukky became widely known and took leading positions in the Overwatch player rating before and after the rising of the Overwatch League.

For example, it was she who became a well-known organizer of the Overwatch Contenders League, created together with Blizzard. She soon became the manager of the popular British Hurricane team, which is owned by Cloud9. Thanks to her team management style, British Hurricane reached new heights, which was recognizable by numerous awards.

3. Susie Kim

This female Overwatch player has a long history of success not only in Overwatch but in eSports in general. She has been working in this area for more than ten years, having gone from an ordinary player to a manager and coach. She paid particular attention to the development of strategies for young players, thanks to which she received the nickname “Esports Mom.”

In addition to Overwatch, she actively played and helped develop the Starcraft, Starcraft II, World of Tanks, and League of Legends communities. She’s also known as one of the Overwatch top players, having achieved significant popularity. Currently, she does not play as actively as she did before, though she consistently appears in the ratings from time to time and gets silver. Among her favorite characters are Bastion, D.VA, and Lucio.

Though the female pro community is not as big as the male’s, there are also famous players here who set trends in the Overwatch world. Just like in the previous case, many players here experience both ups and downs moving the leaderboard.

Countries with the Highest Concentration of Pro Overwatch Players

Below, you can check the list of countries that can boast a large number of Overwatch matches together with the top players. The data was taken from public sources and was absolutely relevant.

  1. South Korea (Ryu Je-hong, Park Joon-Yeong, Bang Sung-Hyeon)
  2. United States (Jay Won, Jacob Lyon, Shane Hendrixson)
  3. China (Gong Zhengyu, Zhao Zixuan, Ye Qianqian)
  4. Sweden (Andreas Karlsson, Simon Ekström, Sebastian Widlund)
  5. Finland (Petja Kantanen, Jonas Suovaara, Benjamin Isohanni)

There are only five names who are the top players in the Overwatch community at the time of writing. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to visit the official web resources dedicated to the game.

Does the Casual Gamer Have a Chance to Become the Best Player in Overwatch?

No matter if you are a pro or beginner, you have real chances to break into the world of eSports. Below, you can check some tips and hints on how you can do it.

  • Consider getting a coach. The services of an experienced eSports players are certainly not cheap, but they will quickly pay off if you decide to conquer the Olympus of professional eSports. An outside perspective will help you correct the strategy, and tips will make it easier to get around multiple mistakes.
  • Save money to purchase quality equipment. While skills and experience are key, it is much easier and more effective to acquire them in comfortable conditions and on high-performance equipment. It will also save you a lot of time and effort in the future.
  • Follow the news on official resources. If you stay aware of all the updates and nuances of the game, you will be able to react faster and be more efficient. Also, do not forget to learn the maps, find out their weaknesses and strengths, read the meta, and so on. This may not seem as interesting as actual practice, but the theory is no less important to achieve the result.
  • Join tournaments. Every famous Overwatch player went through tournaments. They will show what you are capable of and what mistakes hinder your success. This is a great chance to test yourself in real conditions.

Also, do not forget to develop the right habits (organizational moments). This may include the willingness to accept defeat in a way that will stimulate you rather than depress. Also, try to work out an optimal training and rest schedule so that you can constantly progress.