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Rating of The Best CSGO Teams: How Is the Top Formed?

Currently, CSGO is one of the most popular games among eSports fans. Almost every bookmaker offers you to place bets on a huge number of top CSGO teams within local or world tournaments. In order to get the most out of CSGO betting, you need to understand the teams: which of them are favorites and which are underdogs.

Below you can get an insight into the top representatives of the CSGO eSports world as well as their main statistics. It is definitely one of the best and easiest ways to learn more about the game in order to make the right choice. Moreover, below, you can find out the main criteria that we use while analyzing different teams in order to put them in a certain place in the ranking.

More Earnings — More Chances for a High Position

The level of income of CSGO teams is one of the features that characterize the effectiveness of their work. It is a truly impartial indicator of how individual team members can interact with each other, replace each other, and more, to achieve the main goal and become winners.

The more a certain CSGO team earns, the more resources it has for development, purchasing better equipment, and so on. Moreover, the high incomes of CSGO teams attract sponsors who are interested in their promotion, increasing interest in them from eSports fans, and so on. Accordingly, the higher the team’s earnings, the better place it takes in the ranking.

Winrate Percentage — One of the Most Important Stats of Any CS Team

On the one hand, it seems like a simple indicator, but it is still very effective in order to show the team’s performance. Here, we study the total number of CSGO matches that the team played and compare them with the total number of victories. In this case, sometimes, additional input data may be taken into account (for example, the type of tournament).

Participating in Major Tournaments — A Ticket to CSGO World Rankings

Each CSGO team goes through its own development path, from local tournaments to the main event called the “Majors”. Depending on their performance in various tournaments, even the best CSGO teams can be more or less interesting for the CSGO eSports community and, accordingly, move up or down in the rating table.

Of course, the winners of the top tournaments always take high places. However, sometimes the performance of non-clear favorites is also important: for example, they can show an incredible technique or a cunning strategy that attracts the attention of game enthusiasts.

Top 5 CSGO Teams: Famous Names of The Discipline

Currently, you can find a lot of different CSGO eSports teams, and their number will definitely increase. The main reason is that despite the fact that this game is not something new in the world of eSports, a lot of people are still interested in it. Below, you can see the top five teams that are the undisputed leaders in the industry and consistently show good results in various tournaments, interesting tactics, and more.


It is definitely one of the best CSGO teams in the world based in Kyiv which was founded in 2009. Like best teams, NAVI has many divisions that play almost all top games. However, it is CSGO that glorified the team and took it to the top places in the world rankings.

What is notable, the current team is the first representative in the CSGO eSports world that managed to take first places already in 3 top-notch tournaments in a row. It happened in 2010 when they became winners of IEM, ESWC, and WCG. Despite the best start (4th place at Arbalet Cup CIS 2010), the team takes a break to prepare for the Arbalet Cup Europe and takes 2nd place there, having won $10,000 in prize money.

In subsequent years, the team took top places in such tournaments as Intel Extreme Masters 2011 (earning $35,000), Intel Extreme Masters Season X – San Jose 2015, and DreamHack Masters Malmö (2016). In subsequent years, the team is changing the active roster and the coach. In 2021, Na’Vi became the third team ever to complete an Intel Grand Slam after winning IEM Katowice 2020, ESL Pro League Season 14, IEM Cologne 2021, and DreamHack Masters Spring 2021.

The beginning of 2022 was not the best time for the team, as they showed low results within the Complexity tournament. However, this situation developed only in the first stages, since later, they managed to win their group. In addition, they played well in the BLAST tournament, where they overtook another top team, Vitality, and took first place.

2. Astralis

Astralis is not the first in the top CSGO teams, but it has managed to become popular in the eSports community. The beginning of development of the team and reaching the top began in 2017 when it entered the ELEAGUE Major and took first place. The following year, it was not so lucky and was eliminated during the same tournament, losing to Mousesports.

Later, the fifth player left the team, which marked a difficult situation and an active search for a replacement. As a result, they managed to sign a contract with Emil “Magisk” Reif, after which their ascent to the top began. Like many top teams, Astralis has also faced the need for changes. By the team management’s decision, in 2020, Astralis was expanded and added 2 more players. It was quite a risky move, but it gave positive results. Subsequently, with new players, they won 6 victories in a row in the group stages of ESL Pro League S12 2021.

In 2022, the team was expecting another roster change, the main of which was the return of “dev1ce” Reedts after a year and a half of the Ninjas in Pajamas course. In 2023, Nikolai “HUNDEN” Peterson became the team’s chief analyst. It is with this line-up that the team wins first place in the CCT North Europe Series 3.

3. G2 Esports

It is a European eSports organization headquartered in Berlin that was founded on October 15, 2015. The first performance of G2 Esports took place in 2015 when the team took 3-4 places at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015. The very next year, the team’s management announced a new French-speaking CSGO roster.

Thanks in part to this, the team managed to take 2nd place in the 2016 ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals after losing 2-3 to Luminosity Gaming in the grand finale. In addition, they managed to win the first season of the Esports Championship Series after defeating Luminosity. In the next few years, the team actively changed the roster and also replaced the coach, who became Edouard “SmithZz” DuBourdeaux.

In 2020, management made a move to move from a six to five compound team, as a result of which kennyS was sent to the bench. The next great result of the team is second place at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 and victory at the Blast Premier World Final 2022. In 2023, the team entered the Blast Premier finals by beating Natus Vincere and BIG in a dominant style in the Blast Premier spring groups. In addition, they showed themselves well at IEM Katowice 2023, where they defeated one of the best CSGO teams: NaVi, FaZe, and BIG, and immediately reached the semi-finals.

4. FaZe Clan

The current team is based in the USA and still is one of the top representatives in the industry. It was founded in 2010 and brought together players from all over the world in several games. However, the most famous of its divisions is CSGO. Initially, the current team was known for its YouTube channel and entertainment content, and by no means for participation in tournaments and championships.

The situation changed dramatically in 2012 when FaZe Clan took part in CSGO Majors. Already in 2016, the team performed well at the MLG Major Championship that was taking place in Columbus. In 2018 the team managed to take second place at ELEAGUE Major (at that time, another popular Cloud9 team showed better performance). In 2017, the team moved to Los Angeles, opening a new common house with YouTubers called Clout House.

5. Team Vitality

Team Vitality is also on the list of Counter Strike pro teams. It was founded in 2013 by Fabien Davidet and Nicolas Maurer. Like most professional teams, it has several divisions, and CSGO is definitely one of the most popular among them. Currently, it unites players from various parts of the world, including those from Europe and India.

From the moment of creation, the team has shown itself well, both at international and world tournaments. As it is known, income is one of the most striking indicators of team performance. As a result of ESC Season 7, they earned about $2.2 million in prize money.

One of the most prominent features this team is characterized by is a well-coordination among its members who are currently one of the best in the world (especially thanks to the star player ZywOo). During the 2021/22 winter break, the team decided to go for one of the biggest and most historic roster changes in CSGO history. As a result, they signed Magisk and Dupreeh, as well as coach Zonic from Astralis.

CSGO Female Teams — The Brightest Representatives

It is not a secret that CSGO is a universal game, and there are many female teams among the top representatives. Below, you can see a list of the most popular female teams that set trends in the industry.

  1. Nigma Galaxy (UAE);
  2. FURIA (Brazil);
  3. NaVi Javelins (Poland);
  4. B4 Demons (Brazil);
  5. CLG Red (USA);
  6. HSG Esports (Hong Kong);
  7. Astralis Women (Denmark);
  8. BD Betano (Brazil);
  9. NIP Impact (Sweden);
  10. W7M Gaming (Brazil).

Currently, the female’s CSGO pro league is just as spectacular and interesting as the male’s, with the same dynamic rounds and multi-millionaire prize pools.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Professional CSGO Teams?

Below, you can get an insight into some more details which can be useful for everyone who is interested in CSGO.

  • Team Size in eSports. Currently, the standard team consists of five players. Of course, this applies directly to participation in matches. At the same time, many teams have additional players who are on the bench but still train and can join in case of force majeure.
  • Roster Changes. Of course, the roster of the team is not permanent. At present, there are almost no teams that would not change their players after some time. Roster changes take place like in regular sports: teams try to recruit the best players in order to show themselves in the game as effectively as possible. Also, the replacement of a player is a significant event that can radically change the position of the team in the rating table.
  • Sponsorship and Advertising. If the team performs well or has its own unique style, the sponsor will certainly be interested in it. Such companies take on the obligation to provide them with everything necessary to occupy the top places in CSGO team rankings. An important element here is advertising, thanks to which it is possible to draw attention to the team and make it visible to the Counter Strike community.
  • Training and Mental Health. Training is essential for the best teams in CSGO. Thanks to the honing of skills, players have the opportunity to compete and take top places in tournaments. Another important thing about training is that it helps coordinate all team members and make them work as one. If the team is serious about success, then training takes many hours every day, which can affect mental health and become exhausted. That is why these two factors are important when assessing the potential of a team.

Of course, the list you can see above is not 100% full. At the same time, these are the main points that are paid attention to when forming the rating and even figuring out the best CSGO teams of all time.