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Hearthstone Player Ranking

Name Team Earnings Winrate Matches Played
- 58 % 117
Kyle Spigelman
- 56 % 164
Jun Gyu Park
- 52 % 95
- 40 % 10
Gabriel Jeanne
- 63 % 178
- 51 % 137
Kevin Eberlein
- 51 % 265
Shuhei Omura
- 55 % 134
Zachary Kannass
- 58 % 168
- 52 % 105
1 2 3 646

It is no secret that HS brings together millions of players from all over the world, including both professional gamers and amateurs. However, only a small part of Hearthstone players are at the peak of popularity, as you can see from the table above. These are the lucky ones who, thanks to their skills, can travel the world, take part in top tournaments, and make fairly good profits.

Top Hearthstone Players – List of the Best

Hearthstone is one of the most competitive eSports titles, so you must do your best to get to the top of the gaming Olympus. In this review, you will learn not only some key features which can help you become the top player but also check one of the most prominent gamers. However, do not forget – this is a very individual game, so while looking back at the Hearthstone players who are at the leaderboard, you must create your own unique strategy to achieve recognition and become the best of the best.

Raphael “BunnyHoppor” Peltzer

Obviously, our list of pro Hearthstone players starts with the gamer who showed an amazing performance and became the winner of Hearthstone 2022, Raphael Peltzer. Before becoming a professional HS gamer and popular streamer, he completed his PhD in quantum mechanics. Overall, his biography features plenty of interesting moments, but 2022 became the year of his triumph.

In addition to being one of the hardest-hitting players in the entire 2022, this Raphael was noted for the highest cash prize he won at the end of the world championship (about $100,000). In order to win the world title, Peltzer had to overcome the resistance of another eminent player, Jack “DeadDraw” Bancroft. As a result of a fierce 70-minute game, Peltzer won with a score of 3:1. In addition to winning the 2022 World Championship, the player’s achievements include his enchanting performance and first place in the HCT Summer Championship 2018.

He already became one of the famous Hearthstone players after reaching the final of the HCT Winter Championship of the same year. Moving to 2019, he took 3/4 places at the World Championships, which were held in Taipei.

Jack “DeadDraw” Bancroft

Jack is known in the gaming community for his active social networking and regular streams that attract thousands of Hearthstone fans. In terms of scoring, this is the second player after Rafael Peltzer, who took 2nd place in the World Championship. As a result, he also earned a rather large amount of $70,000.

Among the other top Hearthstone tournaments where Jack showed good results, the Masters Seasonal 2022, which took place in the summer, was the most notable, as well as the Masters 2022 Tour OL, where he took second and third places, respectively.

Gabriel “Gaby” Jeanne

The third Hearthstone player on our list of the best is Gabriel Jeanne. This is a player that France can rightly be proud of. Unlike the previous player, Gabriel has several first places in various tournaments in his track record, including the following:

  • Masters Tour 2021 Orgrimmar;
  • Masters Tour 2022 Ruins of Alterac;
  • Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 – EMEA – Week 1;
  • Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 – EMEA – Week 6.

As you may have guessed, he took third place in the 2020 World Championships tournament and got about $25,260. If you look at the total amount that Gaby managed to earn in all the tournaments he participated in, then it will be over $150,000.

Hearthstone Is the eSports Where the Player’s Personal Statistics are Important

Due to the main principle of the Hearthstone game process, where players mostly play one-on-one, personal statistics are more than just a number. In fact, it is a clear reflection of your skill and experience: the higher value means that you are more experienced. What is more, these indicators help to compare players with seven other participants who have similar skills.

Thanks to the Hearthstone player rankings, you can look at the player base and note that most of them are in the middle of the “ranking spectrum”. If you look at this distribution from a mathematical point of view, then it is a bell-shaped curve (another name for it is the “normal distribution”).

The Best Hearthstone Player Is the One with the Coolest Card Set

If this is not your first time with Hearthstone, then you know that each card is a separate part of a larger set. If your goal is to get cards from other sets, then you have two options: either spend gold or real money. Before the start of the competition, players choose their cards. At the same time, if you were lucky enough to get top cards, then you accordingly have an advantage over other players and more chances to win.

The Motto of Pro Players: Maximum Practice and Own Strategies

As with most collectible card games, practice and developing an individual strategy is key. Here everything is simple: to become the best Hearthstone player, you need to participate in various matches and get more skills. This enriches your experience and brings to automatism the sequence of actions that must be taken to win. Of course, it is also necessary to study theory (for example, on thematic forums where users share their real experience), watch how other Hearthstone players play, and so on. However, without practice, it will be ineffective.

The second option that can guarantee success is tactics. Even if you adopt the tactics of the best player, it will not help you if your goal is to appear among Hearthstone top-ranked players, since all their features are already known and explored. Therefore, you should choose several approaches, mix them, and add something of your own to end up with a unique style of play. However, this requires practice, as mentioned above.

Some Tips on How to Be a Pro Hearthstone Player

If you want to become a professional Hearthstone player, then just reading the rules or watching instructional videos is not enough. In this case, a systematic approach is needed, and below, you can find out more on this topic.

  1. Hire a coach. Maybe hiring a coach that can teach you how to play computer game sounds strange, but in the case of Hearthstone, this is one of the best options. A good coach is able to check your algorithm of actions from the side and give practical advice. Although it costs a lot, hiring a coach is a 100% guarantee of your progress and ability to look at your tactics from a different angle.
  2. Rank up. Do not forget to increase your personal rating in the division. Always set new goals for yourself and try to improve your performance at the right time. In addition, ranking up is always a great opportunity to connect with other players on the Hearthstone leaderboard. You can also subscribe to the streaming channels of famous players to learn how to play certain maps. In addition, this is an opportunity to keep abreast of new gaming trends.
  3. Participate in tournaments. Competitions are always a great way to find out what you are capable of, practice, and show yourself in the gaming environment. Try to choose online tournaments that have a rating system. If you decide to organize your own tournament, it will be even better.

Also, you must not forget to develop special habits. The key to success is not only the constant practice by playing Hearthstone. Also, it won’t hurt to learn how to lose without wasting energy on anger and loss of concentration. And be sure to read news regarding the game and follow top players on their social networks. Do not forget to watch streams of the top players in Hearthstone to learn something new for yourself and implement techniques into your strategy.