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Valorant eSports Teams

Team Earnings Roster Win Rate Matches Played
$ 250000
70 % 189
Gen.G Esports
$ 100000
59 % 168
Paper Rex
$ 65000
71 % 185
$ 35000
75 % 64
EDward Gaming
$ 15000
64 % 285
Karmine Corp
$ 15000
52 % 53
Team Heretics
$ 10000
58 % 116
FunPlus Phoenix
$ 10000
66 % 148
Team Liquid
60 % 138
53 % 115
1 2 3 810

Stay Up to Date on the Best Valorant Teams with Us!

Valorant is the game that has rocked the eSports world in less than three years. According to statistics, around 700,000 people play Valorant every day. Therefore, it is not surprising that currently, there are dozens of best Valorant teams competing in various tournaments with multi-million-dollar prize pools.

And in order to successfully bet on this game, you need to get an insight into these teams: their performance, changes, new players, and so on. All this information you can find on our site since we constantly monitor Valorant teams and share the most relevant information with you. Scroll down to learn more about the criteria we consider while preparing our rankings.

Current Team Rosters

First of all, we evaluate the rosters of top Valorant teams. It helps create a first impression and further examine each other player separately. It is important that we individually approach the assessment of the player, depending on the type of agent he or she uses. We get all information exclusively from open sources and also carefully monitor the accounts of individual players as well as teams on social networks.

All Team Results in Tournaments

One of the main features of our analysis is the study of the performance of Valorant eSports teams in professional tournaments. This is the best way to assess the current state and level of preparation of its members, their competitive potential, and so on. We try to explore absolutely all the tournaments and championships in which the particular team takes part: from local to world.

Earnings and WinRate Data

The last but not the least important indicator is the earnings and win rate of the teams. If you know how much the team earned, you can evaluate its popularity and status. Obviously, the more the team earns, the more interesting it is for the eSports audience. As a result, the best Valorant teams have more opportunities to improve the skills of each member, train on the best equipment, and so on.

Valorant Pro Teams: Best of the Best

Currently, there are a lot of teams you can experience in the professional Valorant world. But like in every eSport, there are always the best of the best everyone is talking about. Below, you can get an insight into the top-notch teams which rock Valorant eSports.

1. FunPlus Phoenix

This is the best Valorant team in China. It was created in 2017 and, from the very beginning, showed good results in Valorant. During the past year, it has also been a 100% favorite. It is especially worth noting the EMEA Challengers competition, where they took first and second places. In addition, FunPlus Phoenix holds the record for the most rounds played in any of the VCT tournaments (their VCT record is 30-8).

2. Optic Gaming

This is another highly-ranked Valorant team that has been able to win multiple Valorant Masters stages. Those who follow Valorant must have noted that Optic Gaming was the star of VCT 2022 Malaysia, APAC, as well as the Singapore Challengers. Unlike other top Valorant teams, Optic Gaming was able to beat the rivals in a tough competition and take first place in about four stages. As for the championship stage, they entered it very actively but took the next place after the LOUD team.

3. DRX

This is a new but promising team that was created in 2022. At the last VCT Championship, this team received an impressive cash prize of $110,000. So far, this team has dominated the VCT 2022 Korea Challengers stages, expanding their fan audience. It is noteworthy that they took 5th and 6th positions in the Reykjavik Stage 1 Masters.

4. Fnatic

Fnatic is on the list of popular British Valorant teams that entered the gaming world by signing SUMN FC. Thanks to their records (16-6 VCT and 2-4 Masters 2022 record), Fnatic has been one of the top teams in 2022 since the very beginning of Valorant eSports. They also finished third in the EMEA Stage 1 Challenger and took first place in the Stage 2 Challenger. While their masters’ stages were not always strong enough, by some standards, they ended well.


This team has been in professional eSports for about four years. They took the second position in the Stage 1 Masters in Reykjavik at VCT 2022, and today’s stats show their ambition to become the best Valorant team in the world! In addition, LOUD showed an excellent performance in the championship and became the winner, beating the teams listed above.

Valorant Team Roles

In professional Valorant eSports, each team member performs the mission according to the type of agent. Currently, the following types of Valorant team roles can be distinguished.

Entry fragger As a rule, these are the first who proceed to a certain location on the map to either get the first contact or collect information for the team. Entry Fraggers must always be confident in their ability to strike under the pressure of an enemy presence and in their usefulness.
Secondary Entry Fraggers The main difference from the previous ones is that none of the information provided by Entry Fragger is used. Otherwise, there are no significant differences between them. Players playing for Secondary Entry Fraggers also need to be confident in their ability to hit under pressure and create advantageous situations for the team from the strategic point of view.
Supports Supports help to capture areas of the map with flares, smokes, recon abilities, and more. If you take a look at the best Valorant teams and their supporters, you can notice that such players definitely know how to use utilities and map peculiarities properly.
In-Game Leader This is the player who is the team’s main communicator and determines the overall strategy, the position of individual players, the direction of attacks, and so on. The IGL should be able to assess what a team needs to do to have the best chance of winning the round. In order to become an IGL, you need to have good knowledge of the map, understand the strategy, express your thoughts concisely, and so on.
Lurkers With the help of Lurkers, it is possible to get useful information about the enemy’s rotations and the state of the map. They are also able to commit assassinations from the opposite side of the map (you can pick any best Valorant team and notice that they use such a tactic). Like Supporters, they need to know the map pretty well in order to take enemies by surprise.
OPers With their help, it is possible to block and hold long areas of the map, providing cover for the team. They also need to be able to properly position themselves next to their teammates and reach important targets from a good angle. With their help, it is possible to bring significant damage to enemies with one shot, which is extremely useful in a push.
Anchor These players in Valorant teams need to stay in a specific location, with two exceptions: if the bomb is planted elsewhere or if your team has killed the person holding the bomb and can prevent the bomb from ending up back in the enemy’s hands.
Rotator Rotators begin to rotate at the very beginning of the round as a reaction to aggression from enemies. As a rule, they can surprise enemies with a large number of defenders on the map and significantly slow down their push.

Despite the uniqueness of each role that is assigned to one or another player, a team can only succeed if it acts in a coordinated manner.

The Main Criteria for Evaluating eSports Teams for Valorant Rankings

In order to put a particular representative in the first place in the rating table of the best Valorant teams it is necessary to have objective criteria that can be applied to all teams without exception. Among these criteria, the following should be singled out.

  • Income. As mentioned above, income is one of the main indicators that reflect the status and position of the team. A large income is the result of good performance in various competitions, allowing players to improve, acquire better equipment and upgrade their skills.
  • Tournaments. As usual, there are local and world tournaments. Accordingly, by taking top places in major tournaments, the team makes a name for itself, attracts attention, and raises its position in Valorant team rankings. At that time, it is important to check how a particular team shows itself during intermediate tournaments to see its consistency and readiness to win in any event.
  • Win rate. In this case, all matches that have been played are taken into account. Then, the number of wins and losses is estimated, considering the types of tournaments.

It is also important to take into account not only the overall performance of the best Valorant teams but also indicators of each player individually, depending on his or her role.