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LoL Matches — Schedule & Live Odds

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Main Points of Pro League of Legends Matches

League of Legends is the most viewed eSports game in terms of views. Therefore, it is not surprising that a huge number of fans are waiting for LoL matches with professional teams every day. Some people watch streams to place bets in real time, some just for fun, and there are some who analyze the strategies of the best players in order to improve their skills and someday become part of eSports.

Well, whoever you are, we have what you need. But first, let’s clarify some details.

Format and Process

First of all, there are four major pro LoL eSports leagues worldwide. They are as follows:

  • The North American one (LCS);
  • The European (LEC);
  • South Korean (LCK);
  • Chinese (LPL).

Apart from this, there are a few leagues in minor regions.

Pro teams usually compete with their regions which takes place within the spring and summer seasons. The greatest major events are called Mid-Season Invitational and the World Championship (Worlds). Tournaments are held offline which reduces lagging.

So, LoL is a multiplayer game with five people on a team. They fight against another team of five. Accordingly, there are ten participants in the game in total. There is such a term as Battle Arena. It is the location where the competition is about to happen (Summoner’s Rift). It is a map in League of Legends.

Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, and Bo5 are the formats that are used most typically within LoL pro matches. They imply the number of matches played and based on this, the winner is selected.

LoL Match Length

Typically, League of Legends matches continues from 30 to 45 minutes. However, some really long games were taking place in the history of eSports as well.

So, the longest League of Legends match that was recorded was between Jin Air Green Wings and SKT (LCK spring). This happened in 2018, and the game took around 1.5 hours!

As for the shortest game ever, it was one between Another Troll Team and Top Hard (LTL 2019). It took 7.5 minutes!

eSports Rules

There is such a thing as a Summoner, which is used for players when they summon their desired champion onto the battlefield to compete for their spot. There are over 150 champions to pick from. By the way, there is a draft phase (a player vs player mode which makes it possible for the teams to take turns when picking the champions) before the beginning of each professional LoL game. A system of picks and bans is also implemented.

At the very start, five of the player’s champions will spawn in the home ground. The key is to destroy the enemy’s Nexus (this is a structure situated at the back of every team’s base). However, there are also certain micro-goals within the game and greater objectives too.

Normally, one player is a top laner while there are two bottom laners. Plus, one player is in the middle and the last one performs the function of roaming the jungle.

Here are a few other vital points to keep in mind when speaking of LoL eSports matches:

  1. Players improve their champions (characters) with the help of earning gold. It is used in order to get specific items (this can be done in the shop located next to the fountain);
  2. Winning XP is a great way to level up;
  3. As for turrets, they cause damage to enemies and help the team to control the battlefield more effectively.

Defining the Winner

The team will be considered a winning one when the Nexus is destroyed. To achieve such a goal, the team members have to make enough effort to overcome all of the obstacles over the Rift.

Watch League of Legends Matches from Anywhere in the World

We understand very well that fans always want to watch LoL matches today, without delay and without paying money for it. Well, such an opportunity is offered on our website. We are pleased to offer a large selection of live League of Legends matches that will be available wherever you are. We also have a convenient match schedule, which will allow you to save time searching for what you need. Watch LoL matches online and have a lot of fun with us!

Bet on LoL Matches and Earn Money!

Every LoL match is something special that every fan looks forward to. But what if you try to get engaged in LoL betting? This may be done when you have relevant experience and vital knowledge about the game in general. So, it is awesome if you have played the game previously.

Once you feel like you are ready to make your first bet, it is time to conduct research to be more aware of what is going on and how to place a bet in the most efficient manner. In this case, you can expect to get nice cash!

Here are a few tips in connection to betting on League of Legends matches that will turn out to be useful:

  • It is important to be aware of what is going on in the LoL competitive scene (this is the actual research). This refers to roster changes, the latest results, match history, and so on;
  • Think about what format of the tournament is fine for betting in your case. Mainly, it is a great idea to bet on the events linked to Bo3 and Bo5 formats. This is going to be the safest option for beginners;
  • Study the style that is used by the team that can be called your favored one. Aggressive and LCK are the types to be aware of. The first one is aimed at getting to the victory as soon as possible while in the case of the second one, the match can last really long.

We are eager to suggest live odds only from the most trustworthy bookmakers. So, you will surely face some luck! Have fun!